Wind power – Those questions you never dared ask

Even contemplating why a blade is shaped like it is, or why some turbines have gearboxes and others don’t can make the mind boggle. And there are plenty of things to learn – some more technical and others less so. For example, did you know that most modern wind turbines have three rather than two blades mainly because this is considered more attractive to the eye?

An upcoming seminar called ‘Wind Energy – The Facts’ will cover all the basics of wind energy and cater for all those questions we often don’t have the time or opportunity to ask.

Held on Sunday 13 March, the event will be divided into sessions on wind turbines, the electric grid, the economics of wind energy and the environment presented by speakers from the Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands, the International Renewable Energy Agency and EWEA. And after every short and clear presentation, there is a question and answer session to make the whole day as interactive as possible.

The seminar is based on the ‘Wind Energy – The Facts’ publication and is the day before the EWEA 2011 Annual Event, taking place in Brussels on 14-17 March.

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By Sarah Azau,