Ohio Offers Best Opportunities for Wind Energy Sector

A recent research report from the Ohio Business Development Coalition, a nonprofit organization that focuses and supports the economic development of Ohio, pronounces the opportunities available for the manufacturers of renewable energy industry in Ohio.

It invites the renewable industry manufacturers to co-locate to the state to reduce the difficulty in supply chain.

A recent report issued by the Environmental Law and Policy Center (ELPC), mentions that in Ohio over 7,500 skilled people are employed in manufacturing facilities such as production of gears, wind turbines blades and bearings related to wind energy industry and over 1,500 are working in the solar industry. A number of companies in Ohio are engaged in other clean energy industries such as hydroelectric components, fuel cells, geothermal parts and biomass products.

The state is emerging as a leading wind turbines components supplier in the USA with over 675 established and upcoming companies engaged in the manufacture. Some of the known names of the wind industry include Timken, Avon Bearings, Sherwin-Williams, Lubrizol, Parker Hannifin Corp and Owens-Corning.

The report details the centralized location advantages enjoyed by the Ohio state with its reputed logistics infrastructure and extensive transport facility. It states that Ohio is situated within 600 miles range to over 60% of the cities in the USA and Canada and within a day’s drive to over 70% of the manufacturing facilities in North America.