Sharp Develops Vehicle to Grid (V2G)

Researchers around the world are trying to find new methods to improve the lithium-ion batteries used to store energy for electric cars. The units may one day be used to power more than just cars.

Sharp Corporation has recently developed a new device, dubbed Intelligent Power Conditioner, that, according to the company, enables electric vehicle batteries to power other things, such as electronics around the home.

Researchers have used a battery pack from an electric car to provide 8 kilowatts of energy, enough for many kinds of appliances found in an average household. The Intelligent Power Conditioner is also capable of delivering 4 kilowatt hours (kWh) of electricity for the recharging of the electric vehicle’s battery pack. This process took about 30 minutes.

Sharp wants to demonstrate that this device can be used reliably and safely before it can be made available on the market. The Intelligent Power Conditioner is part of a larger project known as the Sharp Eco House, a concept designed to decrease the home’s carbon footprint through the implementation of green technologies such as storage batteries, direct current appliances and solar cells.

While solar cells capture energy from the sun, the company is now planning to develop an interconnected system of batteries that they say will be able to store energy much more efficiently and making it readily available during rainy days and evenings.

According to the company, the power inverter/controller device will allow for both storage batteries and solar cells to be integrated along with standard utility power. This way, the entire house will have electricity. The device also has the possibility of being integrated with direct current home appliances to provide clean electricity.