BYD to introduce electric cars to Europe By Henry Li

Since BYD Auto was established in 2003 we have set up comprehensive research and ‎development facilities and overcome many difficulties and challenges. Over the last 5 ‎years, BYD Auto has achieved an average annual growth of more than 100%. In 2009 ‎alone, BYD Auto grew by 162% to about 450,000 units, ranking No.6 in the Chinese ‎passenger car market. ‎

Amongst all the models on sale from all manufacturers, BYD’s compact size car, the ‎F3, was the top seller in the Chinese market with over 290,000 units sold during 2009. ‎In January 2010, more than 35,000 F3 sedans and hatchbacks were sold in China. In ‎fact it’s the only model ever to achieve monthly sales of over 30,000 units in China.‎

In mid-size segment, the BYD F6 sedan is the only domestic model in the top ten ‎ranking. Over 9,000 units were sold in January 2010.‎In mini car segment, the BYD F0 is also ranked one of the top 2 in the China market.‎

Amount all the efforts BYD has made, our electric vehicle developments are the most ‎innovative and visionary. Based on the extensive BYD knowhow in battery research ‎and manufacturing, combined with automobile design and manufacturing technology, ‎BYD has made great progress in Dual Mode EV and pure EV products. ‎

The F3DM is the first production Plug-in Hybrid vehicle in the world. With an urban ‎range of 60km on battery alone, it can meet most typical commuter’s daily needs by ‎using electric-drive only. At the same time, there need be no concerns about running ‎out of electricity since the car can also operate in hybrid mode. So, before mass ‎charging facilities are in place, the Dual Mode EV is an ideal solution for short ‎distance travel.‎

Our long term vision is to realize mass application of pure electric vehicles. This ‎implies efforts by all stakeholders including Governments, EV manufacturers and ‎charging infrastructure operators. As one of the major EV developers, BYD is ‎devoted to offering safe, practical and affordable electric vehicles for China and ‎global markets. ‎

Today, we also show the pure all-electric vehicle; the e6 for the first time in Europe.‎ The electric car e6 will be launched to the Chinese market soon.‎

BYD is planning to bring the Dual mode EV F3DM and the pure EV e6 to the ‎European market in 2011.‎ Today, I also pleased to announce exciting news about electric vehicle technology ‎partnership between Daimler and BYD.‎

Yesterday, BYD signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Daimler to Establish a ‎Technology Partnership for Electric Vehicles in China. ‎

Under the agreement, Daimler and BYD intend to develop a new electric vehicle ‎specifically for the requirements of the Chinese market. The vehicle will be marketed ‎under a new brand jointly created and owned by Daimler and BYD. In addition, a ‎common technology center will be established in China to develop, design and test ‎this electric vehicle. ‎

This partnership will bring together Daimler’s know-how in electric vehicle ‎architecture and safety and BYD’s excellence in battery and e-drive systems. ‎

This is a milestone in our EV development, this is a cooperation between the most ‎senior auto maker and the youngest; between the most experienced and the most ‎passionate; between the most luxurious auto brand and the fastest growing brand; ‎between the country with the best auto industry and the country with the biggest auto ‎market.‎

We are very excited about this opportunity to work together with Daimler, the ‎inventor of the automobile.‎

We strongly believe that our efforts will contribute great value to global society by ‎addressing the challenges of energy shortages, pollution and climate change.‎

The new all-electric BYD e6 was unveiled at the 2009 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. BYD plans to launch the e6 in the United States in 2010.

High-capacity Batteries

EV batteries must have high energy density and high safety, which are two characteristics of BYD’s revolutionary new battery – the Fe battery. The Fe battery will power the e6 with an expected range per charge cycle of 330 km (205 miles ) in cruising mode, an estimated acceleration time from 0-100km/h (0-60mph ) in less than 14 seconds and with a projected top speed of 140km/h(87mph).

These characteristics make the e6 ideal for daily commutes, in-town driving and even long distance travel.


What sets the e6 apart from other electric vehicles is its size and performance. With current battery capacity limitations, most manufacturers have selected to focus on small, lightweight EVs that stress efficiency over performance and range. Instead, BYD has used its rich history in IT development and cutting edge battery technology and taken an unconventional approach in order to manufacture cars that represent the company’s slogan of Build Your Dreams. These ideas are the underlying philosophy and ideology behind the e6.

The high-tech e6 will be marketed as a family-oriented crossover vehicle boasting the same exterior dimensions of the average family car. The e6 features a spacious interior cabin which will seat 5 comfortably, with substantial legroom and headroom for passengers as well as ample luggage space in the rear of the vehicle. The e6 measures 4554mm (179.3 inches ) long, 1882mm (71.7 inches) wide and1630mm (64.2 inches) tall.

Convenient and Eco-Friendly

The environmentally friendly e6 is a zero-emissions electric vehicle which means it emits no harmful toxic emissions or greenhouse gases. BYD’s new Fe battery takes the green philosophy a step further by only using chemical substances within the battery that are completely recyclable.

e6 Specifications

Length 4554mm (179.3in )
Width 1822mm (71.7in )
Height 1630mm (64.2in )
Wheelbase 2830mm (111.4in )
Track 1556mm/1558mm (61in/61in )
Curb weight 2295kg (5060lbs)
Capacity 5 seats
Gradeability ≥30%
Maximum speed 140km/h (87mph )
0-60mph Less than 14 seconds
Front motor power/torque 75kw/450Nm (101hp/332lb-ft)
Rear motor power/torque N/A
Combined power/torque N/A
Type Permanent-magnet type synchronous motor
Power management system Intelligent central management system
Power outlet DC380/100A
Range(Cruising mode) 330km (205 miles )
Actual EV range might vary due to different driving behaviors.
All parameters are for reference only and maybe vary during commercial launch.
e6 Charging System–EV Standard Charging Cabinet

Compared with the EV charging station, the EV Standard Charging Cabinet in mobile in applications and requires low running costs. The EV Standard Charging Cabinet features Switching Power Supply technology, CAN communications, intelligent control and Charging Plug technology. It can display progress status, output voltage and current together with indication lights. The input voltage of the EV Standard Charging Cabinet is 3-phase 380V 50Hz and it works with the EV by CAN network connections offering safe and efficient charging.

By Henry Li, General Manager of BYD AUTO Export Trade Division.