Energy prices ?top priority? for Europeans

A recent survey revealed that renewable energy development comes second as a priority for cooperation between EU Member States after the stability of energy prices. 27% of respondents to a Eurobarometer survey chose renewables as the number one priority, with the group supporting energy price stability just fractionally bigger, at 29%.

And in response to another set of questions, twice as many Europeans thought that in the event of a supply crisis, they would be better protected by coordinated EU rather than national measures (60% against 32%).

Yet this distinction between cooperation priorities is somewhat arbitrary given that renewable energy can and does stabilise prices by providing energy at a knowable cost, unlike oil and gas which have to be imported and whose prices go up and down.

What is more, the third priority — guaranteeing energy supplies (20%) – is also exactly why we need to keep increasing renewable energy, which can be produced in Europe for Europeans.

The development of renewable energy achieves these priorities in one go, protecting Europeans from changeable fuel prices and any wobble in the fuel supply from exporting countries. The Danish and Swedish – over 50% of whom put renewables as number one – got it right. Renewable energy development should be our priority because it is the only one we need.

Read the results: opinion/archives/eb special 379 360 en.htm

By Sarah Azau,