Wind energy WinWinD?s delivery wind farm projects

In Estonia, the Aulepa Wind Farm extension installations were completed in mid-January. The wind turbines installation works were done swiftly and efficiently when the high winds calmed down for some hours only late in the evening.

The Aulepa Wind Farm consists of sixteen 3 MW wind turbines with 100 m rotor diameter and100 m hybrid tower.

In Swedish Lapland, the second phase of Uljabuouda Wind Farm passed the 500 h trial runs. There are ten 3 MW wind turbines with WinWinD’s blade ice prevention system in Uljabuouda.

The first four wind turbines were delivered in 2009 and the last six wind turbines in 2010. The weather conditions were typical for the area during the trial runs; icy, windy and challenging both for the wind turbines and people working there. With WinWinD’s ice prevention system, the wind turbine blades remained ice-free.