Epilepsy risk? Pants on Fire!

Among comments from experts Politifact consulted:

– Shadow flicker "can be a nuisance to people living near a wind energy project," but its frequency "is harmless to humans." (National Academy of Sciences)

– Some patients may experience a brief spasm if they see the sun coming through the trees, "but these seizures are usually readily controlled by medication. I do not tell these patients not to drive in the forest! … [T]he risk from sun coming through a wind turbine would be very small — the person would first have to be looking at the sun, not just at a turbine, and most of us know not to look at the sun directly. . . . We cannot use this as a reason not to erect wind turbine farms."

– "They’re using the epileptic community. It’s clever and it’s nonsense, and I find it personally offensive."

By Tom Gray, www.aweablog.org/