China – Countryside policies to boost the solar thermal industry

Today, China ‘s solar water heater has become a completely independent intellectual property rights of patented technology, a more complete industry chain and developed the domestic market.

In 2008, China solar water heater production reached 30 million square meters, accounting for 80% of world total reserves has reached 120 million square meters.

Average per square meter solar water heater replace 150 kg of standard coal by 10-year life span, and can replace one thousand five hundred kilograms of standard coal, while solar water consumption per square meter of only 70 kg of standard coal. The energy saving effect is very significant.

Before we knew it, our country has become the world’s largest solar water heater production and use of the country . However, our solar water heaters per capita amount is less than some developed countries. How to expand the use of solar water heaters in our range as our focus.