Hydro and wind power projects in Bosnia

The development of 25 new hydroelectric power plants on the river Bosna was approved in Bosnia, for a total capacity of 450 MW. Moreover, the construction of the country’s first wind farm has started in Podvelezje (central Bosnia), with a capacity of 46 MW. At the first stage, two wind turbines with capacity of 2 MW each will be built by September 2011, and the remaining 14 wind turbines with capacity of 3 MW each will be built in 2012 and beyond.

It will be the first wind turbines plant of a project including 6 facilities to be built by 2018. Overall, Bosnia has planned wind power projects for 532 MW, of which 117 MW have been approved and should be completed by 2013.

Under the project “25 hydropower plants on the river Bosna”, an investment of € 507 million is planned, almost all of which were guaranteed by the German state Development Bank (KFW). The latter was confirmed by Jerlagic Amer, general manager of the energy company Bosnian Elektroprivreda BiH (EPBIH), who stated that the plants will be completed over the next 10 years. Janjic, whose capacity is 13.3 MW, will be the first facility to be put into service.

Bosnia (4 million inhabitants) currently has approximately 4,400 MW of total installed electricity capacity. Hydropower, which accounts for about 40% of this capacity, is still growing. Indeed, a 430 MW pumping plant in Capljina is in an advanced stage, while 11 other projects are in the pipeline, for a capacity exceeding 323 MW.