Servidyne Plugs-in Customers Converting to Electric Fleets

SERVIDYNE, INC. (Nasdaq: SERV), an energy efficiency and demand response company, today announced that it has entered into a contract for approximately $1.75 million with one of the world’s largest food manufacturing companies to install Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) in multiple facilities across the U.S. The customer, who is converting its delivery fleet to electric vehicles, selected Servidyne to design and install the re-charging stations based on the Company’s proven engineering and energy monitoring and controls expertise. The new contract followed an initial successful pilot installation at one of the customer’s facilities.

“This project kicks off an important new service offering for our Company,” explained Todd Jarvis, Servidyne’s President and Chief Operating Officer. “We are committed to providing our EV Infrastructure solution to the broader marketplace, and other blue chip companies are currently considering engaging Servidyne to provide similar solutions as well. It can make a lot of sense for many of our customers to use electric vehicles as part of their fleet. Our involvement helps to provide both insight and a strategy to our customers as to how the additional electric loads will be integrated into the overall electric usage of their facilities. Our energy efficiency expertise helps assure our customers that their EV implementation efforts will be deployed in a manner that can yield the highest return on their investment in this new technology.”

“Installing EVSE represents a great new opportunity for us,” noted Alan R. Abrams, Servidyne’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. “Our new EV Infrastructure solution is designed to meet the rapidly growing needs of our existing customer base, and further expands our suite of long-term energy consumption and controls solutions.”

Commercial electric vehicles are becoming more prevalent as more models are being modified to accommodate the EV technology. Some experts predict that rising fuel prices will accelerate adoption of electric vehicles as part of the truck fleet of businesses involved in large scale service delivery and product distribution. Reduced maintenance costs along with state and federal grants and incentives also can help drive the economic decision to adopt EV technology.

Established in 1925, Servidyne, Inc. is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, and operates globally through its wholly-owned subsidiaries. The Company provides comprehensive energy efficiency and demand response solutions, sustainability programs, and other products and services that significantly enhance the operating and financial performance of existing buildings. Servidyne enables its customers to cut energy consumption and realize immediate cost savings across their portfolios, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving the comfort and satisfaction of their buildings’ occupants. The Company serves a broad range of markets in the United States and internationally, including owners and operators of corporate, commercial office, hospitality, gaming, retail, light industrial, distribution, healthcare, government, multi-family and education facilities, as well as energy services companies and public and investor-owned utilities.