Next Alternative Lithium Ion Battery Technology to Have Major Impact on Electric Vehicles

Robert Ireland, CEO of Next Alternative, Inc. (FRANKFURT:N4H), has recently announced that the firm will increase its research on and production of Lithium Ion batteries in an effort to assist in the evolution of transport energies.

With more rulings in favor of adhering to the emissions standards set forth by the EPA, the transportation industry finds itself desperate to identify alternative means of diesel energy in order to comply. Diesel engines power over 95% of America’s commercial trucks and buses, as well as a staggering percentage of ships, ferries, locomotives, tractors and farm and construction equipment.

The exhaust emissions that result include high levels of nitrogen, hydrocarbon and carbon monoxide – all which pose significant and immediate danger to our environment. New legislation is subsequently accelerating the drive to develop alternative means of powering transportation vehicles.

Next Alternative currently has products that serve the full-size electric vehicle markets, including its Lithium Ion batteries. The company foresees that this technology is going to become an extremely important asset moving forward. According to Ireland, "The need for cleaner, more efficient transport energy can no longer be ignored. The EPA requirements have serious implications and are forcing the industry’s hand to comply." He stated further, "We believe that Next Alternative’s Lithium Ion batteries will play an integral role in facilitating the implementation of smarter energies. We are excited not only to help the industry, but to further our mission of protecting our planet."

Next Alternative has recently formed and continues to seek alliances with companies equipped to aid in promoting and distributing its relevant products within the transportation industry.

Next Alternative Inc. is a break-through company paving the way in the global effort to discover alternative means of energy. Understanding the need to reduce the demand for fossil fuels, Next Alternative is pioneering new methods that provide eco-friendly solutions. Poised on the cutting-edge of new green technologies, Next Alternative strives to develop and offer products that meet the challenges of our new economy. Next Alternative stands as an innovator – bringing existing technologies together and melding them to meet future demand.