Mitsubishi Electric Vehicles i-MiEV Proves Good Passenger Safety Through ADAC Testing

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) announced the high rating results from the ADAC. ADAC is Germany’s and Europe’s largest automobile club. Stands for "Allgemeiner Deutscher Automobil-Club".

When crash occurred, Mitsubishi electric carsi-MiEV was able to instantly recognize the impact and automatically shut off the high voltage elements of the electric car, sustaining safe space for the passenger as well as leaving the lithium-ion battery along with their original 88 cells undamaged.

"This conclusion was drawn through relentless test upon this first mass produced electric vehicle that is available Germany. The test incorporating two impacts, one offset front crash (64 km/h, 40% offset), and a rear impact (by a 1,400kg movable barrier in 80km/h speed 70% offset), has proven that i-MiEV, although light weight, compact and equipped with high voltage EV system, is equally as safe as any other gasoline-engine vehicle", commented ADAC about the test results.