GE?s Wind Turbines Selected for New Wind Farm Projects in Romania

Supporting Romania’s drive to increase its supply of clean, renewable energy, GE is teaming with wind farm developer Monsson Alma for two projects that will add 35 megawatts of wind capacity to the country’s power grid.

GE will provide 10 2.5-­megawatt wind turbines and 10 years of maintenance for the Silistea 1 project, which will be owned by SC Romconstruct Top SRL and four 2.5-­megawatt machines and five years of maintenance for the Mireasa 2 project, owned by SC Eco Power Wind SRL.

Developing wind farms is a cornerstone of Romania’s effort to reach its renewable energy commitment to the European Union. The target is to have 24 percent of its energy produced from renewable resources by 2020. Romania recently enhanced its renewable energy legislation, extending green certificates issued for renewables projects from 2015 to 2017 and increasing other financial incentives for wind energy developers.

"Through its progressive legislation, the government is creating one of Europe’s friendliest environments for renewable energy developers and is encouraging future investments in the wind sector,’ said Andrei Muntmark, commercial director of Monsson Invest Group. ‘We are pleased to be partnering with GE again."

Both projects are about 20 kilometers from the Fantanele Wind Farm, which also is based on GE 2.5­-megawatt wind turbine technology and when completed, will be the largest onshore wind farm in Europe. Monsson Alma was the original developer of the Fantanele project, which has been acquired by CEZ Romania, a leading regional utility.

"We applaud the Romanian government’s focus on building a supportive environment for renewable energy development," said Ricardo Cordoba, president of GE Energy Western Europe and North Africa. "Wind power will increase Romania’s energy security and independence. It will also help expand and modernize the country’s energy infrastructure leading to less pollution, new opportunities for green jobs and investment."

The 2.5-­megawatt turbine is designed to yield the highest annual production in its class and builds on the success of GE’s 1.5­-megawatt wind turbine, the world’s most widely deployed wind turbine with more than 14,500 units now installed.