Gamesa consolidates its leadership of the Spanish wind energy industry

Gamesa, one of the world’s leading companies in the design, manufacture and maintenance of wind turbines and a top wind farm developer, has consolidated its lead role in the Spanish wind energy market, installing a total of 760.7 MW in 2010.
According to data issued today by the Spanish Wind Energy Association (AEE), this represents a market share of 50.18%, 15.7 percentage points higher than in 2009, when Gamesa accounted for 34.4% of the market.

Gamesa is also No. 1 in Spain by accumulated installed wind turbines capacity to date (end of 2010), with a total of 9,846.34 MW, or 47.6% of the total MW installed in Spain to date (end of 2010), which totals 20,676.04 MW, according to the AEE.

Gamesa in 2010 further secured its leadership position as the top manufacturer of wind energy components, despite a difficult year for the wind business characterised by a marked slowdown in the growth rate of previous years. According to the AEE, wind energy companies installed 1,515,95 MW in Spain in 2010, a 8-percent increase from 2009, though this pace of growth was the slowest in seven years.

The Spanish wind power industry ended 2010 with 20,676.04 MW of accumulated installed capacity, slightly ahead of the target of 20,155 MW stipulated in Spain’s 2005-2010 Renewable Energy Plan (PER), according to AEE data.

Based on forecasts the Spanish government issued to Brussels as part of its Renewable Energy Action Plan (PANER), the government expects Spain to host 35,000 MW of installed capacity in onshore wind assets by 2020, plus 3,000 MW of offshore capacity. In order for Spain to meet these targets, it must establish a future regulatory framework for the industry in the near term.