Wind energy Enercon strengthens its position in Ireland

Despite the financial crisis, wind turbines supplier Enercon is looking back at a successfull year 2010 in Ireland. It has been second most successful year since the German company installed its first wind farm in 1998. About 80 MW of new wind power capacity has been installed and up to five wind farm installation teams have been working in parallel at times. Only 2008 has been more successfull with more than 100 MW.

In August the E-Ship 1, Enercon`s self developed diesel-electric sailing ship, delivered 18 E-70 wind turbines for Castledockrell wind farm on its maiden voyage. This shows ENERCON`s dedication to applying highest environmental standards also in production and logistics.

"Other highlights in 2010 were the opening of ENERCON`s new service headquarters in Tralee, Kerry. Number of employees increase by 25% over the year, including employment of electrical engineers, installation technicians and site managers. A fourth service station was opened, enabling ENERCON to dispatch several service teams in parallel for repairs on Saturdays and Sundays," says Christoph Klimek, Managing Director of ENERCON Windfarm Services Ireland Limited.

"From November 2009 to November 2010 our technicians achieved an average turbine availability well above the warranted 97%, which includes all downtime for repairs and scheduled maintenance," reports Klimek. "In 2011 we want to open a fifth service station and employ even more technicians and other specialists. If all goes to plan the number of Irish employees will increase by another 50% by the end of next year."

"Two new sales managers, Jochen Stoettner and Wilke Janssen, are supporting our sales in Ireland since summer 2010. In summer 2011 they will be supported by two more sales managers based in Dublin," says the Regional Manager for ENERCON Sales in Northern Europe. "We intend to add also other specialists to our new sales office in the future, to be able to help and meet customers on short notice using local expertise. If the banks play along 2011 will be the best year ever for us. Already now we would like to thank all our customers, their consultants, lawyers and bankers who are making our success in Ireland possible."