Bringing Solar Power Lights To Belize

Reusable and sustainable solar LED technology which can help eliminate the use of kerosene in developing nations, where the power grid is unreliable or non-existent, is something likely welcomed by the locals. One such case recently occurred in the village of Bomba in Belize, as the organization Grid Earth brought to the villagers 50 Nokero solar bulbs.

Grid Earth, also known as GEAR, says it provided enough bulbs to light every home in this small village. GEAR said of these lights that they “have small solar panels that can be installed on the roof or sit in the window that will charge a par 45 size LED lamp. The lamp is big enough to light up a 10 foot square room. The lamp charges by day, and gives up to 10 hours of use at night on the low setting. Or it will produce approximately 5 hours of light on a high setting which is suitable for reading. The lamps will last for many years to come and the average lifespan of the solar charged battery is estimated to be about 2 years.”

By Nino Marchetti,