Record For Wind Energy in Ireland: 33% of all electricity

St. Stephens day 2010 saw a new record for wind power output in Ireland. At 4:15 pm on the 26th of December, Irish wind power output reached 1,228 MW according to Eirgrid. This meant that 33% of all electricity being used in Ireland was produced by wind energy.

Minister for Energy and Natural Resources Mr. Eamon Ryan commented on the record saying “This is proof that even on colder days, wind power can contribute greatly to Ireland’s electricity system. This is hugely encouraging. Government policy is to facilitate investment in wind energy, to deliver a low-carbon, sustainable energy future for Ireland.

The majority of countries worldwide are moving in this direction, but without the major resource advantage that Ireland has. We have some of the best, if not the best, wind resources in the world and it makes sense to develop them.

Government and industry are on board. Last year, private sector investment in wind energy reached approximately €400 million. With ambitious policy and significant investment, I am confident that we can keep setting similar records for the years ahead.” The amount of wind power capacity connected on the Irish power system is now 1,425 MW.