Global wind turbines trading platform for new and used wind turbines

WindTurbines-MarketPlace has recently launched a global wind turbines trading platform, where demand and supply of new and used wind turbines meet online. WindTurbines-MarketPlace aims to improve wind farms’ repowering possibilities.

While in many parts of the world wind energy is becoming a popular energy source, since recently there was no global online marketplace for used wind turbines in this relatively young market.

WindTurbines-MarketPlace has bridged that gap by providing a free trading platform, without any commission or registration fee charged, where wind parks and farms can get together in order to buy and/or sell new and used wind turbines.

Before companies had to rely on brokers or stored used wind turbines, as there was no direct contact between wind farms in different countries.

Now companies can connect through WindTurbines-MarketPlace. In that way WindTurbines-MarketPlace aims to improve new wind farms’ repowering issues and cut costs for existing wind farms.

The concept of WindTurbines-MarketPlace is developed by people with experience in wind turbine trading business. WindTurbines-MarketPlace charges no commission what so ever. All actual trade is being done outside the portal. Business model is based on the revenue from the sale of advertorial banners.

Founder of Wind Turbines Marketplace is the Dutch company Planet MarketPlace B.V. The Dutch company is specialized in development of niche online marketplaces. So was Meat-MarketPlace portal launched several months ago and other portals are being developed at this moment.