Enterprises Eyes Long Term Wind Power Growth

In 2010, the wind energy industry saw solid foundations being laid for a strong 2011, despite significant challenges. Industry leaders appealed to Washington to adopt a more long term wind energy plan which will see benefits continue for decades to come.

"While the industry saw the all-too-real impacts of having no long-term U.S. policies toward renewable energy, the industry nevertheless made significant advances in 2010," said Denise Bode, CEO of the American Wind Energy Association.

"And, utility-scale wind energy achieved the milestone of supplying 20 percent of the electricity in Iowa-an achievement reached right in America’s heartland. That shows how large amounts of wind power can be integrated into the nation’s energy mix. We continue to work toward the goal of supplying 20 percent of electricity nationwide by 2030, the target set under the administration of President George W. Bush."

This bodes will for companies in the industry for the future. One such company is Here Enterprises (HRTE) which is started development on its first project in Floresville, Texas in the heart of the wind belt.

Mark Ryun, CEO of Here Enterprises, commented, "clean, renewable wind power can dramatically reduce CO2 emissions, stabilize power prices, increase energy security, and ramp up to meet increasing requirements."

“At Here Enterprises we believe wind will play a critical role in solving our energy challenges and we are committed to leveraging this advantageous green energy resource," Ryun added.

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