Go Green with Advanced Solar Electric in 2011

Fossil fuels they say would be depleted within the next 40 years. It’s important for countries to concentrate on alternative sources of electricity. Solar energy electricity accounts for a mere 1 % of the United States total electric use.

However things are changing for the better, as the federal government and several state governments have come up with subsidies to encourage people to use solar panels. (http://www.advancedsolarelectric.com) California solar power use is by far the strongest in the United States. In fact the state has now taken $3.2 billion from the California Solar Initiative, to help California’s low income households to install free solar panels.

"It’s said that the sun’s rays that fall on the earth for about twenty minutes are enough to meet our electricity demands for a year. It’s important that we steer this energy to our advantage in the fight against global warming. The sun’s energy can be used for domestic use or a fraction of it can be converted into solar electricity using photovoltaic technology," says Advanced Solar Electric who provides solar panels in California.

"Gizmos have a huge part to play in our lives. Statistics reveal that a total of $135.4 billion was spent by Americans on gizmos alone. With so many electronic products to be powered, solar electricity makes a lot of sense. Solar electricity not only makes sense to the ‘green thinker’ but also to those who would love to save a few hundred dollars on electricity," adds ASE.

The biggest myth that people associate with solar electricity is that these are considered to be very expensive. While it is true that these can be more expensive than conventional forms of electricity, manufacturers of solar energy in Los Angeles have come up with technology that’s making solar panels affordable. Advanced Solar Electric has helped many, many families and businesses with solar installations over the last 10 years.