EU funding for offshore wind energy research centre

The European Union allocated 40 million euros, within the European Economic Recovery Plan, for the construction of an offshore wind energy experimental centre, proposed by the Scottish joint-venture European Offshore Wind Deployment Centre (EOWDC) .

Under the EOWDC project, an experimental centre will be built offshore Aberdeen Bay (north-east Scotland), where an agreement has already been awarded by Crown Estate (that manages state-owned property in the United Kingdom) regarding an offshore wind farm for the demonstration of up to 11 wind turbines.

The wind power project is also supported by the Scottish authorities, so that its final approval by the local government, which is expected to be granted in the next few months, is considered a formality.

The financial support made available by the European Union will fund the development of the project, which is considered very important also by the EU in order to improve significantly the technology sector that is expected to play a leading role within the renewable industry in northern Europe.