Santo Domingo to Host Wind Energy Parks by 2011

Santo Domingo, the capital of Dominican Republic, will soon host two wind turbines parks generating clean wind energy. The wind turbines and other parts that have already reached the port of Cabo Roja located in southwestern Pedernales province will be transferred to Juancho for assembling.

The wind turbines proposed for Los Cocos and the nearby Quilvio Cabrera wind energy parks will have 19 wind turbines to generate 33.5 MW clean power.

The local power companies Punta Cana-Macao and EGE Haina have invested around US$100 million in the wind farm projects that can bring in enough electricity to power 33,000 homes in the Dominican Republic. The wind parks are expected to become operational in the middle of the year 2011.

Cobra Energía, a Spanish wind turbine producer, has supplied the 19 wind generators required for the projects.