Honda and Kumamoto Prefecture start Electric Vehicle Testing Program

Honda Motor Co., Ltd. has announced its plan on the ongoing cooperation with Kumamoto Prefecture on Electric Vehicle Testing Program for next-generation personal mobility products, including electric vehicles, or EVs, plug-in hybrid vehicles, electric scooters and electric carts.

The specifics of the testing program, testing electric vehicles with lithium ion batteries and solar power charging stations have also been revealed at Honda’s Kumamoto Factory.

Conducted in real-world urban transportation environments, the program will focus on motorcycles, automobiles and power products based on electromotive technologies.

The program will also use advanced communications & telematics and solar-powered charging technologies to explore future forms of personal mobility and their potential of CO2 emissions reduction.

In addition to zero-emission electric vehicles, scooters and carts, the testing program will also include Honda’s plug-in hybrid vehicles, which combine a gasoline engine with two high-output electric motors.