Powin Launches Renewable Energy Program

Powin Corporation (OTCBB:PWON), a Tigard, Oregon-based OEM manufacturer that supplies products to companies as diverse as Wal-Mart, Costco and Freightliner, today announced the launch of Powin Renewable Energy Resources, Inc. (PRER), which will be offering OEM services to suppliers of products in the green renewable energy market.

In addition, PRER will offer a complete turnkey line of renewable energy products such as LED lighting and fixtures, wind turbines, solar panels and lithium batteries for storage and backup.

"We feel the time is right to launch our renewable energy program taking advantage of our strong relationships, research, development and engineering teams we have developed in the U.S., China and Taiwan over the past 20 years," said Joseph Lu, the founder and CEO of Powin Corporation. "We intend to set the standard for green renewable energy products for the home, farm, large and small business."

Powin’s PRER team attended the American Wind Energy Association’s (AWEA), product show held in Portland, Oregon’s Convention Center, December 7th – 9th, 2010, which promoted renewable energy products for residential, commercial and small business applications.

PRER’s participation at the AWEA show was well received by both the public and the other participating exhibitors. Powin’s prior analysis of the market for renewable energy products already being manufactured by the company showed a strong business opportunity, with U.S. sales in 2008 reported at approximately $42 million dollars, increasing in 2009 to approximately $77 million dollars (a 45% increase in sales) and projected to increase 25 to 30% annually through 2015. The company believes it is now the correct time to announce its expanded participation in this industry.

Powin Corporation was founded in Tualatin, Oregon in 1990 by Joseph Lu, a Chinese-American, and has grown into a large international distributor of more than 2,000 ?OEM? (original equipment manufacturer) products. The Company’s Tualatin subsidiary, QBF, Inc., manufactures clean-energy wind turbines and other metal products.