Renewable Energy Startup with Disruptive Patent Pending Technology Seeks Funding

Ongoing testing of their engineering level manufactured prototype has already outperformed existing technology. Data will be made available to investment firms with proper qualifications as well as a presentation and executive summary of the business.

Smart Turbine Inc. has developed technology that will significantly improve access to wind energy around the world. In addition to the exponential growth opportunity in the small wind turbines (SWT, under 100kW) market, Smart Turbine Inc. will capitalize on the incentive programs with the government to quickly establish a leadership position in the industry. Patent-pending SMART technology presents an attractive opportunity for investors in a $1 billion market for home and commercial wind energy by 2015 according to the AWEA for locations equal to or greater than 1 acre.

Smart Turbine Inc. has developed disruptive technology as their wind turbine is able to produce significant amounts of energy in locations that would not function for others currently in the market. Smart Turbines install and work productively in any area as small as a few square feet with a qualified amount of annual wind. A smart turbine can generate power without noise on a patio, balcony, roof top, open space, ground, mast, and more, all while being scalable too.

Scalability is based on locating Smart Turbines in a close proximity array, much like solar panels the turbines can work well in groups. This type of scalability adds to the potential installation sites while at the same time increases the amount of energy that can be harvested.