Wind energy in Algeria – First wind farm

Cegelec was chosen following an international tender by the Company’s engineering Electricity and Gas (CEEG), a subsidiary of Sonelgaz, for the total cost of Investment and of MWh of electricity produced.

In its commercial, Cegelec proposed an investment of 2.21 billion dinars (22 million euros) and a cost per kWh of 7.257 dinars.

Covering 30 hectares, the site of the wind farm is located in Kabertene, 73 km north of the city of Adrar. The wind farm with a capacity of 10MW will be operational in 2012.

This is the third tender for this wind power project, reported for the first time in 2007. Commission bid opening and award of contracts (COPAM) had provisionally awarded the contract in January 2010 to the French group Vergnet who offered the lowest price of MWh.

According to Sonelgaz, after verification and review of the offer, COPAM has decided to cancel the tender "considering the price offered excessive."

"The revised draft for the third time allowed us to realize a gain of 30% over its cost," said the CEEG CEO Mohamed Arkab to the press.

New criteria were introduced in the specification including the obligation to entrust the exclusive manufacturer of the achievement of civil engineering, acquiring certain equipment and components assembly and transport companies in Algeria, he said.

Cegelec’s history is closely linked to the development of the electricity and energy sectors in France and Europe. It has its roots in the creation of the French CGEE (Compagnie Générale d’Entreprises Electriques) in 1913. From success to expansion, the company has become an international group providing technological services to companies and public authorities.

Cegelec has annual revenues of around 2.8 billion euros and employs 25,000 people in some 30 countries around the world.