Ernst & Young?s ranking of the most appealing renewable markets

China is increasingly the leading country for investments in renewable energy. The latter was confirmed by the most recent of the reports (Renewable Energy country attractiveness indices) that the international consulting firm Ernst & Young updates quarterly.

Specifically, the study shows that in the last quarter under consideration (April-June 2010) wind power investments in China accounted for almost half of the global wind turbines market: out of the $20.5 billion invested in the world, about $10 billion regard the Asian country.

In the new ranking compiled by E&Y regarding the 30 largest renewable energy markets, China has moved up by two points, while the United States has lost one. Political uncertainties, the impact of financial crisis and low gas prices are the reason for the slowdown in US investment.

The top 10 countries on the list are: China, de EE.UU., Germany, India, Britain, Italy, France, Spain, Canada and Portugal.

Italy lost one place compared with the previous report (it was fifth together with the United Kingdom) but it confirmed its good position. Specifically, it ranks second (behind the U.S.) as regards geothermal investments, second for photovoltaics (behind the US and tied with China), third for infrastructures and fourth for onshore wind farm power and solar thermal.

The report also noted that new players are emerging, and that their potential can change the energy market, at least partly. In the quarter considered by the report new entrants included South Korea, Romania, Egypt and Mexico.$FILE/EY_RECAI_issue_27.pdf