60,000 MW Electric Power Generation Potential in Ethiopia

According to Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation (EEPCo)’s Corporate Communication Chief Officer, Misikir Negash, Ethiopia has the capability to generate up to 45000 MW of hydroelectric power, 5000 MW from geothermal sources and 10000 MW from wind energy resources, totaling up to over 60000 MW of renewable energy.

Misikir revealed that this information was based on a study done by the company. Ethiopia has plans to enlarge the electric services coverage inside the country to reach 75% in the course of the next five years. Currently, the coverage is only 41%.

Presently, Ethiopia generates only around 2000 MW power from hydroelectric resources. Plans have been made to increase this to 8000 MW during the next five years. In the Tigray state, a 120 MW wind energy farm is under construction. Other wind power projects would also be started in places such as Aysha, Adama, Mesebo and Debreberhan. EEPCo is also planning to install a 500 KW high voltage electric cable that would cover an area of 434 km.

EEPCo established in 1997 was formerly known as Ethiopian Electric Light and Power Authority (EELPA), which was founded in 1956. It is responsible for the generation, transmission, distribution and sale of electricity all through the country, with its two electric energy supply systems, the ICS and SCS electrifying towns and villages covering almost 41% of the country.