Development of Wind Energy in Poland

According to a report titled, ‘2010 Wind Energy in Poland,’ published by TPA Horwath, a consulting firm, Domañski Zakrzewski Palinka, a law firm, and the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency, the growth of wind power during the first nine months of 2010 was 51% and is expected to go up to 75% by the end of the year.

Poland’s wind energy farms’ total energy production exceeded 1GW. But according to specialists, wind energy still has room to develop as natural conditions in Poland are identical to its neighbor Germany where there are more wind energy installations.

The first wind energy installation began operating just a few years before, but currently the wind energy sector is now undergoing a vigorous development phase and its importance in the power industry has been increasing. Poland is now considering investment projects such as a 240 MG wind farm in the Margonin Area.

This would add considerably to the current tally of 1096 MW generated energy from 378 wind farms with license. The major companies establishing wind energy farms in Poland are RWE, EPA, PGE, Dong, Mitsui, Iberdrola, PEP, J-Power, RP, EEZ Vattenfall, and RP Global.

The report also reveals that in the previous year, several upbeat changes targeting the investors were made, which modernized the investment groundwork methods in the sector. Energy law amendments have been brought about this year and this has changed the terms of acquisition of power grid connections by the wind energy installations.

The report noted that the wind energy market had definitely expanded even though investors still perceive investments in this sector as challenging. Poland would be establishing hundreds of new wind energy farms in the future years despite the rising disapproval of wind farms.

To offset the condemnation of wind energy farms the report also emphasizes the need for public dialogue regarding this sector, which should be adeptly handled by private sector companies, politicians and sectoral organizations.