GL Garrad Hassan offers offshore wind energy engineering expertise in Germany

The aim is set: 10.000 Megawatt – this much electricity should be produced by German offshore wind turbines by 2020. Therefore thousands of wind turbines have to be built at the North- and Baltic Seas.

About 70 percent of the electricity produced by renewable energies is supposed to be risen by wind farms in Germany in ten years time. With further sites earmarked for construction in European, Asian and North American waters, the offshore wind power market is set to take on a global dimension in the years to come. Engineering companies have to ensure their workforce has the skills for the job.

GL Garrad Hassan is offering expert offshore training courses to develop skills within the wind power industry. Its Offshore Wind Energy course is specifically created for professionals wanting to acquire a comprehensive overview. Offshore wind resource, wind turbines and support structure technology, electrical issues and administrative processes are covered.

The training course caters to a number of professionals: wind farm developers, lenders, network operators and regulators as well as wind turbines suppliers, Balance of Plant contractors and all those who wish to benefit from GL Garrad Hassan’s technical and commercial knowledge for the field. A technical background is assumed, but no specific offshore wind engineering is required.

The content of the course will be delivered in English and draws on the collective expertise and knowledge obtained through e.g. 190+ commissioned contracts and 160,000 engineering hours. The Offshore Wind Energy course is not only delivered in Europe, but also throughout Asia and North America.

Andrew Brown, Head of Training at GL Garrad Hassan said that "It is important to offer the most cutting edge training courses for an industry which is continuing to expand globally every year. Offshore wind energy will become more important in the renewable energy arena, so developing skills today will help to ensure the developments of tomorrow."