PensionDanmark becoming equity partner in Nysted offshore wind farm

On September 9 2010 it was announced that PensionDanmark would become equity partner in Nysted offshore wind farm. All conditions in relation to the transaction have now been fulfilled and it is expected to be completed in the fourth quarter of 2010.

With reference to the company’s ongoing offer of new hybrid debt instruments and ongoing conditional invitation to tender existing hybrid debt instruments as announced on 11 November 2010 it should be noted that the company does not view the contents of the present announcement as eligible to have an effect on the price of the listed debt instruments issued or under issue by the company and that the contents of the present announcement thus did not – prior to the release of the present announcement – constitute regulated inside information vis-a-vis the listed debt instruments issued or under issue by the company. For the same reason, the contents of the present announcement will not cause the company to publish a supplement to the prospectus.

The 72 offshore wind turbines are placed in a parallelogram with eight rows of nine wind turbines each. All the wind turbines are painted in the same discrete airforce grey colour. The wind turbines were supplied by Siemens and built according to “the Danish concept”, i.e. three-blade wind turbines that turn clockwise.

The wind turbine tower itself is 69 metres high. Each blade is 40 metres long. At its highest, the tip of the blade reaches a height of 110 metres.

Due to aviation safety considerations, six of the outer wind turbines are fitted with white, synchronous flashing lights on top of the nacelle, while the remaining wind turbines have a weaker, constant, red light. The intensity of the aviation indicators can be raised or lowered, depending on visibility.

Every wind turbine can generate an output of 2.3 MW. The combined effect therefore reaches 165.6 MW, making Nysted Wind Farm one of the largest wind power plants in the world.

Denmark is a global leader in wind energy. So it also follows that the world’s largest offshore wind farms found today are in Denmark. One is Horns Rev Offshore Wind Farm on the Jutland west coast, and the other is Nysted Offshore Wind Farm at Rødsand, 10 kilometres south of Nysted.

Nysted Wind Farm at Rødsand is owned by a joint venture, with DONG Energy owning 50% and PensionDanmark owning 50%.