Acciona Energy implements V-RENEW to optimize wind farms

Versify Solutions, a leading developer of software and services for the wind power industry, has signed a License and Services Agreement with Acciona Wind Energy USA, a division of Acciona Energy, one the world’s leading wind energy companies.

Acciona will expand its use of Versify’s V-RENEW® software applications and services to manage wind farm assets in the U.S. and Canada as part of its next-generation platform for data management, monitoring, and reporting, as well as a wide range of applications suited for wind operators.

“We are very pleased to expand our relationship with Acciona,” said Pete Cona, President and CEO of Versify Solutions. “We know Versify’s V-RENEW application suite will continue to maximize revenue preservation, asset performance, and reliability for Acciona.”

Acciona plans to standardize and improve many of its asset performance capabilities through V-RENEW to maximize performance on up to 10 wind energy projects under development in the U.S. and Canada.

“Acciona is extremely satisfied with our experience with Versify,” said Dan Foley, Chief Development Officer at Acciona. “Versify has demonstrated a proven track record with Acciona during the past two years. We look forward to expanding our use of Versify’s software to better manage and optimize profits across our entire wind turbines fleet.”

Created to address many of the challenges renewable energy asset managers and operators face on a daily basis, V-RENEW provides timely and robust data, analysis, monitoring and reporting among a wide range of software applications in a single integrated software platform.

Versify’s suite of analytical applications and data management solutions also includes V-PERFORMANCE® and V-TRADER®.

V-PERFORMANCE is a leading software system for monitoring, tracking and reporting among a wide range of applications used to manage performance of fossil based generation assets. It delivers rich, timely asset monitoring and performance intelligence required to make critical decisions.

V-TRADER is an accurate, reliable, and user-friendly data service that streamlines the data integration and analysis process, provides timely and pertinent market data reports, and helps identify trading opportunities. From the trader’s desktop, a single click can produce any number of summary or detailed reports within seconds.

Versify Solutions develops leading software and services for professionals in the power industry who demand a constant flow of data to efficiently navigate an increasingly dynamic sector. Versify products offer energy traders and generators better information, empowering them to perform at the highest levels.

Utilized by some of the world’s largest energy companies and trading desks, Versify offers a unique portfolio of analytical applications and services providing key insights into Smart Grid, generation performance, and trading market opportunities.