THINK City ? the world?s best-selling electric car

As electric vehicles increase in popularity, many are finding that the electric cars can be used for more than just day-to-day commuting. In fact, the THINK City – already the world’s best-selling electric car with lithium ion batteries – has established itself as the most versatile too.

With a sleek design and zero local emissions, the THINK City is currently used all over the world in a variety of applications. Since 2009 it has continued its work as a fully equipped ambulance in The Netherlands, on an island named Terschelling. One of the West Frisian Islands, a large portion of Terschelling is a nature reserve with the goal of becoming CO2 neutral. The THINK City ambulance is contributing to this goal by supporting the island’s medical services with vital transport and first aid needs.

In the UK, the THINK City is a star of the new EV Cup zero-emissions racing series. It was also selected by the BBC as vehicle of choice for its ‘Electric Ride’ European grand tour, providing both the wheels and outside broadcast unit for the documentary team.

The THINK City also competed as a race car in the E-Miglia 2010, the world’s most gruelling international electric vehicle rally through France, Germany and Italy. The car finished in third position, in what was a great demonstration of the THINK City’s robust performance attributes.

In addition, tourists in Switzerland can hire a THINK City ‘Alpmobil’ in the resorts of Goms and Haslital, for a totally carbon-neutral mode of transportation on their vacations. A fleet of 60 THINK City electric cars is available through some 30 hotels, resorts and other touristic hot spots in the Swiss Alps.

Other uses for the THINK City this year included: a removals van in Finland – carrying all manner of cargo from washing machines to domestic animals. It is also a popular taxi option in Trondheim, Norway; and in Japan, a trial zero-emissions mail van for the Tokyo Postal Service. Brazilian electricity giant, CPFL, is also testing the car as part of its maintenance fleet in Sao Paulo.

“At the heart of the THINK ethos is adaptability,” said Michael Lock, THINK’s Chief Marketing Officer. “Our vast array of applications around the world proves that we have taken what might be considered a specialist, niche form of transport and made it into something practical in a variety of environments. The THINK City is a versatile, fun and very useful set of wheels – as proven from Bergen to Brazil.”

THINK is a pioneer in electric vehicles and a leader in EV technology, developed and proven over 20 years. With nearly 10,000 electric vehicles on the road and more than 56 million kilometres (35 million miles) of customer experience, THINK is at the very heart of this embryonic industry. The THINK City is currently the world’s best-selling electric car and the first EV to be granted pan–European regulatory safety approval. It is sold across Europe, with sales and production about to start in the US and operations being developed in Asia.

THINK is also a leader in electric drive-system technology, and was the first to offer a modular and flexible EV drive-train solution in the commercial sector. With its Scandinavian origins and sustainability mindset, it is one of the most carbon-efficient car companies in the world