Guangzhou CLG Electric Equipment goes global with lithium cell production line

Guangzhou CLG Electric Equipment Co Ltd recently signed an agreement with counterparts in Japan and Canada to combine foreign technical expertise with its own R&D and human resources experience to become a leading supplier of battery production equipment.

Yang Jiajun, president of Guangzhou CLG, said they will set up an R&D center for automated equipment for battery manufacturing.

The center has already made some breakthroughs on core technology, Yang said. And, their R&D achievements, as well as production experience, will help them take a lead in that industry.

Guangzhou CLG was founded in 2002 in Guangzhou’s Panyu district and is now one of the very few enterprises in China that supply production lines for lithium cells.

Their equipment has been exported to the United States, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Russia, Southeast Asia, and Taiwan and they are at the head of the domestic market.

"We have dedicated ourselves to the application of improved technology and have taken advantage of advanced technology from Japan as well as design, production and R&D ideas from Taiwan, Canada and the US. Our new-energy battery production equipment is said to be reliable by our clients," Yang said.

He has been particularly encouraged by a remark by President Hu Jintao when he visited a battery factory in Canada in June during his State visit there, Yang added.

He said that Hu advised his entourage to encourage Chinese li-ion battery production equipment suppliers to spend more on R&D to better develop technology-intensive equipment for domestic and foreign markets. The remark came after Hu spotted a label on a lithium battery production line that said "Guangzhou CLG Electric Equipment Co Ltd".

"As an advanced technology company, CLG Electric Equipment will continue to spend more for the development of human resources, as well as for technological renovation and innovation to cut production costs and improve quality and added value," Yang said.

He added that his company aims to be a global, first-rate supplier of equipment for new energy battery production in the near future.