Onsemble Completes Real-Time Wind Energy Data Network in Texas

Onsemble, leading provider of real-time renewable energy data, announced the completion of the company’s hub-height wind data network throughout the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) region.

With the new Texas locations, Onsemble will offer real-time, hub-height wind data near 95 percent of the state’s wind farms. The completion and launch of the Onsemble Network in ERCOT makes it the first independent source of hub-height wind observations in the region.

The new network equates to more than 100 hub-height observation points from towers strategically located in close proximity to the wind farms in Texas.

Onsemble sensors measure wind speed, direction and temperature, and provide high-resolution data reports in 10-minute intervals to strengthen wind energy forecasts critical to grid operators, utilities, power traders and wind farm operators. Internal studies show that Onsemble’s real-time data could potentially provide double-digit reductions in forecast error from short-term out to 24-hour lead times.

These improvements to forecasting accuracy are achieved via better data — captured at hub-height and other levels throughout the rotor plane.

"The electrical grid in Texas, where wind represents approximately 10 percent of the state’s energy, has already experienced grid reliability threats as a result of quick changes in the wind. These events could become even more dangerous as wind energy grows and becomes a larger piece of the energy mix," said Jon Kilberg, Onsemble founder and president of Torch Renewable Energy, LLC.

"For wind energy to prosper, the industry needs localized, hub-height data to improve wind forecasts. With better forecasts, grid operators can better manage energy loads and market participants can better anticipate price changes."

In addition to ERCOT, Onsemble is currently operating its real-time data network in the Bonneville Power Administration (BPA), the Public Service Company of Colorado (PSCCo.) and the Southwest Power Pool (SPP) utility markets, with a nationwide build-out planned through 2012.

"With our proprietary network of high-quality, localized data inputs, wind energy forecasters for the first time have consistent access to the real-time information they need to produce the most accurate wind forecasts possible," said Anish Parikh, co-founder and vice-president of Onsemble. "The industry has long contemplated the possibility of improving forecast accuracy with a network of real-time hub-height observations. I am proud to say that, with the support of our investors and partners, Onsemble has completed the first such network in ERCOT and is delivering those observations today."

Onsemble is a leading provider of real-time data products to the renewable energy industry. Via its national portfolio of hub-height meteorological sensors, Onsemble collects high quality wind information and delivers real-time and archived data products to energy forecasters, system operators, utilities and wind farm operators. Based in Niwot, Colorado, Onsemble is incubated and funded by Torch Energy Advisors Inc.