La Rioja signs contract with IMPSA to expand the Arauco Wind Farm

IMPSA’s scope of supply, the first phase of which is already under way, includes twelve additional 2.1 MW wind turbines. These wind turbines, together with the 12 existing wind turbines, will make it possible to add 25 MW to the site’s wind enegy generation capacity.

A turnkey contract such as this one means that the Customer will be handed over a fully operational wind farm. Moreover, IMPSA will be responsible for the operation and maintenance of the wind turbines for a 5-year period.

The Arauco Wind Farm is located in Valle de la Puerta in Aimogasta, Department of Arauco, some 120 kilometers from the capital of the Province of La Rioja.

“For La Rioja, this is one of the most important wind energy projects ever to be undertaken. The vision of Governor Luis Beder Herrera to establish clear policies to protect natural resources, which in the future will benefit all the people of the province, turned this strategic project into a mainstay that will help consolidate a productive Rioja,” stated architect Juan Fernando Carbel, President of the Arauco Wind Farm-SAPEM.

The first 12 wind turbines will be operating by the end of this year and the second 12 wind turbines are expected to be operating early in 2012. With this expansion, the wind farm will not only stand ready to supply renewable energy to 69,400 households but it will also protect the environment by preventing the emission of 94,000 t of CO2.

After signing the contract, Mr. Carbel said that “the wind farm will generate more than one quarter of the electricity consumed by the province. This is a historical day because we are consolidating what has been done and devising a model for a province that is on its way to becoming the largest renewable energy generator in Argentina through a state-owned company”.

“The Arauco Wind Farm is very important for IMPSA. We are building the largest wind farm in Argentina; it is our most significant wind energy project in the country,” stated Martín de los Santos, IMPSA’s Director of Business Development.