ReVolt Technology Moves European Headquarters from Switzerland to Dortmund, Germany

ReVolt Technology, a technology company which is developing innovative, rechargeable zinc-air batteries, today announced that it has re-established its European headquarters from Switzerland to Dortmund, Germany at the Zentrum für Produktionstechnik Dortmund (ZfP), Carlo-Schmid-Allee 3.

“ReVolt Technology concluded its decision to relocate to Dortmund and North Rhine-Westphalia, after an extensive review of strategic localization factors including: commitment to public policy supporting the adoption of green technologies, commitment to the environment in everyday life by the society, skilled workforce, location of strategic partners and investors and universities, a diverse and strong local and national economy with solid growth prospects combined with an attractive array and strong commitment of economic development assistance through each stage of the company’s growth,” stated James P. McDougall, CEO and Managing Director of ReVolt Technology GmbH.

“The relocation of Revolt Technology’s European Headquarters confirms the attractiveness of North Rhine-Westphalia for Electromobility research and applications,” said NRW’s Minister of Economic Affairs Harry K. Voigtsberger." Energy storage solutions like the ones being developed by Revolt Technology GmbH are making an important contribution to our goal of putting at least 250,000 electric vehicles on the road by 2020 in North Rhine-Westphalia. Electric vehicles will help us to solve problems with air pollution and noise pollution."

ReVolt Technology was selected by North Rhine-Westphalia for a grant focused on developing energy storage solutions for electric mobility. The company was recently granted approval from the state of North Rhine-Westphalia to commence the project. Revolt was selected by a panel of experts from academia and industry panel of judges before a total of 54 project proposals. The final 22 projects selected will be funded with 46.5 million Euros from EU and state funds.

In addition, ReVolt Technology GmbH will benefit from access to modern building and equipment infrastructure at the ZfP, providing optimal conditions for the continuation of their research and development activities. The ZfP was commissioned by the city of Dortmund. ReVolt Technology GmbH will be supported by ZfP during its build out and build up through introductions to partners for development and financing.

"Dortmund is a Hightech hub that offers a compelling environment for the development of new technologies," said Udo Mager, Managing Director of the Economic Development Agency Dortmund. "The Phoenix West location decision is another success and further step forward in securing new technology developments for the former mining area.

"ReVolt’s research and development focus is a perfect fit with the technology portfolio of the ZfP in Dortmund," said Guido Baranowski, Managing Director of the Dortmund Technology Center. "We are delighted that we were able to attract them to the High-Tech Hub of Dortmund with our ready-made technical infrastructure and business support."

“We are honored to become a member of the local business community of North Rhine-Westphalia and excited to bring our program focused on development of the next generation of energy storage for low-cost, environmentally-friendly, high-energy applications for consumer and industrial applications,” stated CEO and Managing Director, James P McDougall. “The robust ecosystem of North Rhine-Westphalia combined with its long-term commitment to supporting the development of transformational energy storage solutions is indeed very impressive and compelling for us to relocate and make a long-term commitment to the region.”

The move to Germany will place the heart of ReVolt’s European headquarters much closer to many of its strategic partners to better facilitate cooperation and coordination.

"With this step the state of North Rhine-Westphalia supports the development of an innovative and efficient storage technology in its own home province, which has also convinced RWE Innogy. This is because energy supply in the future will depend on the various options of storing energy. For this reason, we had acquired a minority stake in Revolt as part of our venture capital activities back in January 2009 and have been supporting the company in their further development ever since. We are happy that we are now moving closer together and that North Rhine-Westphalia receives another building block to grow into a technology stronghold."

Initially developed in Norway, ReVolt’s patented zinc-air technology is based on research conducted at one of Scandinavia’s top scientific institutes. ReVolt’s zinc-air, rechargeable battery technology provides a high energy solution for consumer and industrial market applications that is environmentally safe, reusable and recyclable. Revolt’s zinc-air technology offers up to three times the energy density of lithium-ion in an inherently safe and cost-effective package representing a major leap forward and compelling value proposition for energy storage applications.

ReVolt Technology is a technology company, which is developing a rechargeable zinc-air battery. ReVolt’s batteries may enable more high-power consumer devices, electric vehicles and renewable energy storage. The technology is a result of six years of intense research and development at SINTEF (the largest independent research institute in Scandinavia). Research on material combinations has solved issues historically related to the metal-air technology; power, lifetime and rechargeability.