MEGAJOULE Inovação Announces WindieTM Upgrade

The development team at MEGAJOULE Inovação has refined the CFD code WindieTM. The possibility of integrating WindieTM outputs into traditional micrositing tool like WasP, Windfarmer or Windpro brings WindieTM to the next level.

The consequence is an enhanced yet simple way of performance typical micrositing, layout optimization and energy yield studies. Using the latest version of WindieTM, MEGAJOULE’s wind analysts and our client’s combine a state-of-the-art wind assessment in their day to day’s work.

Ricardo André Guedes, Manager at MEGAJOULE Inovação and executive board member at MEGAJOULE, thinks that, “Bringing CFD to daily resource assessment efforts means improved accuracy and reduced risk for our clients. If we add the possibility to look at all relevant wind conditions relevant to turbine operation, not only horizontal average wind speed, this can bring wind assessment to a new level of insight.”

As Prof. Fernando Aristides Castro, Associate Lecturer at ISEP and founder of WINDIE, Lda says, “This new feature allows WindieTM results to be analysed and used in a more traditional way, with better synergies with other tools commonly used in micrositing and wind energy estimation.”

Megajoule, as Portuguese market leader in wind power assessment, is strongly committed to promote alternative and sustainable energy solutions. Megajoule’s core business is wind assessment, but there is a wide range of technical services Megajoule offers from advanced flow simulation (CFD and mesoscale) to power performance tests and independent project due diligence.

Acting globally Megajoule also provides advice on solar photovoltaic projects. In addition to the creation of the innovation branch Megajoule Inovação, Megajoule has opened offices in Brazil and Poland in the beginning of this year.

WindieTM is a registered trademark and code owned by WINDIE, Lda and used under exclusive licence by MEGAJOULE Group.