Republika Srpska Wind Turbine Firm Signs First Contract

The wind turbine will be the first prototypical project with 2kW power. After delivering the turbine, which will be used to support Mobitel’s systems, Turbina IPD will design the whole wind turbine system on a turnkey basis, worth between EUR 100,000 and EUR 200,000.

According to Miroslav Tesic, project manager and owner of Turbina IPD, the turbine system will start operating early in November of this year. This turbine is special because it is the first wind turbine which obtained a building permit in Slovenia.

Earlier this year, Turbina IPD Ltd announced its plans to list on the Banja Luka Stock Exchange early in 2011 to finance expansion.

“We will seek around 2.0 million euro ($2.5 million),” Turbina IPD CEO Miroslav Tesic said. He said a quarter of Turbina IPD’s shares could be floated on the stock exchange.

The company’s headquarters are in Kotor Varos, a municipality of Republika Srpska in northern Bosnia and Herzegovina. “We will invest in the expansion of our team and in the launch of production of wind turbines, which will be mounted on top of mobile operators’ base stations so that these stations get electricity generated by our turbines,” Tesic said.

A vertical axis wind turbine uses a hybrid system and can be combined with solar panels. It is easy to manufacture with simple and low-cost materials and easy to transport and build up. It is noiseless, makes no vibrations, uses the wind no matter which direction it blows from, and is safe for birds and people.

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