Mass Megawatts Wind Power Encouraged With Recent Progress

Meanwhile, Mass Megawatts is intensifying the collection in its data sets from its New York wind energy test project using more measurement collection equipment for identifying information that could improve the power output. It is the company’s first wind farm project incorporating an Augmenter System.

Initially, the test project has achieved more than 70% augmentation. We now believe that the augmentation is better than 85% with the information gathered. Although the results look good, more data collection and independent third party confirmation is needed.

During our past observations, we had seen every level of wind speed, from dead calm to gusts of 60 mph, and have had combinations of prevailing winds from every degree on the compass.

In recent months, Mass Megawatts included additional modifications for improving the output by reducing the turbulence of the airflow being accelerated in the augmented area approaching the section with the wind turbine blades.

Once independent, third-party verification of the latest technology is completed with a solid mass production plan, Mass Megawatts can effectively expand the marketing of their product as having a competitive edge over other wind technologies.

In other recent news, Mass Megawatts recently eliminated most of its remaining debt. The company has less the ten million shares issued and outstanding.