Alternative Energy Partners Developing Advanced Trough Technology

Alternative Energy Partners’ ("AEGY") portfolio of businesses includes Sunarias, the solar thermal energy provider that is developing the parabolic trough technology. The advanced trough is designed to maximize Concentrating Solar Power and solar collection while also boasting features that enhance efficient shipping. The troughs are being built with alternative materials to improve manufacturing speed and reduce manufacturing cost, with the hopes of lowering the market price for the device and making the technology cost effective for users.

Multiple solar thermal collector troughs are generally required for any given solar energy project. The attention to efficient shipping capabilities would be a unique feature for the product, allowing for ease of distribution and sale. Where shipping and shipping costs are prohibitive, the new design will improve the ability for clients to incorporate a number of troughs on a project site.

Alternative Energy Partners CEO Gary Reed says, "We are pleased with preliminary indications that we may exceed 9000 BTUHs per trough. This is the result we have been hoping for. AEGY is demonstrating that not only can it offer high quality alternative energy services, but we will be innovating the energy field with our proprietary technology."

Last week AEGY announced the formation of its Elan Energy Corporation subsidiary, which will be responsible for integrating and coordinating the various energy products and services offered by Alternative Energy Partners to its clients. AEGY also announced then that it had signed letters of intent for three entities whose annual gross revenues are expected to exceed $15 million. Pursuant to successful due diligence processes, AEGY anticipates closing on those companies by the end of this month.

Alternative Energy Partners ("AEGY") is focused on sourcing, marketing and distributing renewable alternative energy solutions. Through its wholly owned subsidiary, Sunarias™ Corporation (, AEGY provides on-site solar-thermal energy systems that allow businesses to reduce energy costs. It also holds Shovon, LLC, provider of remote control energy managements. It is poised to enter the European alternative energy market through its subsidiary Skynet Energy Systems, Inc.

Elan Energy Corporation, a newer subsidiary, will be responsible for integrating and coordinating energy products and services offered by AEGY. AEGY’s goal is to offer a full portfolio of high-performance energy solutions for homes and businesses of all sizes. Alternative Energy Partners is publically traded on the NASDAQ OTC (OTCBB: AEGY). For more information please visit