Swedish Wind Energy Industry Breaking Records

As the demand for greener energy is continuously increasing, Sweden’s wind power is swelling speedily. Sweden is anticipated to break records during 2010, in spite of wind power’s global investment slowing down during the global economic slump.

Experts feel that the Swedish wind farm industry has withstood the global economic recession. The Swedish Wind Energy, a trade association, anticipates an additional 557-MW wind turbines installation during 2010, amounting to a 36% increase in comparison with last year.

Gothia Vind, a wind farm operator based in Gothenburg, plans to construct 100 wind farm in the Southern region of Sweden, with an overall 200-300 MW capacity.

The Swedish government aims to produce a renewable energy output amounting to about 50% of the nation’s energy needs by the year 2020. Currently, 20% of Sweden’s energy production is derived from renewable sources.

Sweden’s development in the wind turbine segment has been quite rapid – ever since the mid-1980s the size of wind turbines has doubled almost every four years. Throughout the year 2009, 198 novel wind turbines had been installed in Sweden while currently, there exist 219 wind energy turbines with an overall 495 MW power generation capacity under construction.