Vestas – Blade incident on V112-3.0 MW prototype

On Wednesday, September 8 in the afternoon, while running tests on the V112 prototype in Lem, a 7 meter part of one blade fell off. No one was hurt, and Vestas is currently taking care of replacing the blade, since strong winds are expected to lower Friday.

"This incident is an undramatic occurrence in our first V112-3.0 MW prototype which we do take to the limits. Since this is a prototype we know incidents may happen even if we don’t expect them, but we are testing our products rigorously to make sure we provide business case certainty for our customers", states Finn Strøm Madsen, President of Technology R&D.

Currently a team is investigating the root cause and next actions needed. The result of this work will place the V112 3.0 MW as the best tested wind turbine for our customers, delivering highest Business Case Certainty – once serial production begins in June 2011.