Wind power Vestas releases app for iPhone

We know wind energy. But, we also know the weather. Vestas’ own meteorology department, in Plant Siting and Forecasting, constantly monitors and analyzes the weather globally using public databases and sensors in more than 40,000 turbines around the world.

Vestas is now also utilizing this to offer the public detailed weather forecasts based on the specific GPS coordinates of their mobile phone. To begin with, the application, or app, is only for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

The Vestas forecast is among the world’s best with a resolution as low as 3 km. The forecast is calculated on the supercomputer at Vestas Technology R&Ds headquarters in Denmark. The forecast models are run, maintained, and verified internally by meteorologists at Plant Siting and Forecasting.

Why have you developed an app that you give away for free?
“It’s pretty simple. We have so much knowledge that we can share with the broader public in a way that supports our product and our brand. This app gives extremely useful information for the end-user and at the same time we can promote wind,” says Lars Chr. Christensen, VP, Plant Siting and Forecasting, Vestas Technology R&D

Key features:

* Tailored weather report at favorite locations.
* World weather on map.
* 5 day forecast, updated every 6 hours.
* Customized weather alarms.
* See how much energy a V112-3.0 MW would generate right now at your current location.

You can read more about the app here:

Vestas began producing wind turbines in 1979. WIND. IT MEANS THE WORLD TO US. A world that, if we have our way, will be powered by far, far more than the predicted 10% of electricity by wind energy by 2020.
A world where Wind takes its place alongside Oil & Gas through ever more competitive cost of electricity and its efficient and reliable delivery on an industrial and global scale.

A world populated by far more than the 41,000 wind turbines that we’ve already raised on behalf of our customers in sixty five countries across five continents. A world where we are relentlessly committed to focusing our 30 years pioneering pure-play experience, our R&D centre (the largest in the world), every shred of revelatory data from our real-time monitoring of thousands of wind farm plants; and the unmatched diversity of capability and skills residing in our more than 20,000 people worldwide, on one pure goal: generating the greatest and most sustainable return on wind for our customers. Because a world without our customers success is a world without Wind. That failure is not an option, neither for Vestas, our customers, or our planet.