Two new wind power plants are to be built in Luxembourg

Seven wind turbines are to be installed at Kayl and Rummelange and five wind turbines in Weiswampach by 2012. The move to wind energy follows pressure from a European directive to ensure that 11% of the Grand Duchy’s energy is provided by sustainable sources.

Wind power energy is expected to account for a further 5% of energy consumed thanks to the introduction of electric vehicles during the coming years.

Meanwhile 2% of the country’s energy will be provided by German offshore wind farms in the North Sea. Energy minister Jeannot Krecké said that the government struggled to find an appropriate home for the new wind farms.

It was forced to provide a wind turbine-free corridor at Findel because of the flight path, and ruled out forests and valleys for environmental and practical reasons.

The two new proposed wind farm sites, one in the north, the other in the south of the country, are not the only developments in sustainable energy. Kehmen-Heinerscheid’s existing wind farm is to receive three new wind turbines.