Impsa to supply wind turbines in Brazil (450 MW)

The argentina wind energy company Pescarmona Metallurgical Industries (IMPSA) agreed to sell wind turbines to Brazil as part of the tender by Brazil through the National Electric Energy Agency (ANEEL).

Through its subsidiary, Wind Power Energy (WPE), IMPSA agreed to sell wind turbines of 450 MW to be installed in wind farms in the states of Ceará, Rio Grande do Norte and Bahia.

The company in Argentina, which is the largest Latin American manufacturer of direct drive wind turbines (without multipliers), explained that the planned investment in the installation of these wind farm plants are around 730 million dollars.

The tender organized by the National Electric Energy Agency (ANEEL) was for a total of 1,520 MW and 368 wind farm projects covered, as well as biomass and small hydro.

The wind farms will begin producing clean energy without CO2 emissions from 1 January 2013. IMPSA explained that the wind turbines manufactured in Brazil for wind farms already have electricity sales contracts with 15 distributors of electricity for a period of 20 years.

Brazil seeks to boost its nascent wind energy sector with the first conference which opened in Rio de Janeiro with the presence of authorities, entrepreneurs and specialists.

At the opening of the "Brazil Windpower 2010" Brazilian Minister of Mines and Energy, Marcio Zimmermann, noted that the wind energy sector has advanced faster than anticipated a few years ago.

"We have already passed the recruitment of 5,300 megawatts generated by wind farms, a figure three years ago had set as a goal for 2030", according to Zimmermann.

"The wind is here to stay and on the other hand, the Government gives offsets, energy contracts and funding to 20 years (…) Today we can say that the wind energy is going to contribute much in the Brazilian energy sector," said minister.

Zimmermann stressed that wind farms have reached a "competitive price" to compete in tenders on equal terms with the thermal and other renewable energy sources, a situation unthinkable until recently in the country.

He also noted that the sector has managed to lower prices without heavy subsidies as those granted in Europe, where wind energy has reached its highest development.

Last week the Brazilian government held a tender for electricity produced from renewable energy sources and wind energy sector was the most prominent, with more projects, more energy volume and a more affordable price.

Were recruited 50 wind farms with a capacity of 643.9 MW and an average price of 134.23 reais ($ 76.18) per MWh.

This value is double the price the government pays for the energy generated by hydroelectric plants, accounting for about 80% of electricity generation in the country, but is equivalent to the cost of heat.

The conference, which runs until Thursday, analyze trends, political and financial environment and business opportunities in the wind power in Brazil for the coming years.

Parallel to the conference is a show that has the presence of about 50 exhibitors, among which are the main wind power companies like Vestas, Argentina’s Impsa, Indian Suzlon, the Spanish Gamesa, Iberdrola and Acciona, GE and Siemens.