Windancer Small Wind Turbine in Taschen’s Top 10 Sustainable Energy Products Worldwide

High-efficiency, compact and noise-free, the Windancer was designed by Canadian company Wind Simplicity™ Inc. It’s the only wind turbine to feature in Taschen’s latest offering, Product Design in the Sustainable Era, published in July 2010.

"It’s great that the Windancer was chosen for a Taschen publication. Now the world’s greenest wind turbine is in the world’s most exquisite books," said Sharolyn Vettese, Wind Simplicity President, C.E.O. and Inventor.

"Making a durable, quality wind turbine with a completely sustainable life cycle was a foremost consideration from the design stage."

"We are excited that the Windancer was handpicked for Taschen’s thought-provoking, eye-dazzling series."

The multi-award-winning Windancer, a horizontal-axis wind turbine, which generates pollution-free electricity from the wind, is one of 10 renewable energy-generating products featured in the book’s Energy chapter on pages 98-99.

Manufactured in the Canadian province of Ontario, the Windancer is among the innovative and award-winning projects from over 20 countries launched by leading design offices and companies worldwide, including IDEO, IBM, and New Deal Design.

"This book brings together 180 brilliantly conceived and elegant new products that put sustainability first and point the way forward … ," writes author Dalcacio Reis, MBA in Sustainable Business.

"Sustainability is not a passing fashion, and people are constantly searching for more information, products and innovations in this area.

"Designers, in turn, are responding with elegant, efficient, low-impact products … ."

Ms. Vettese said that she and her father, Dr. Alfred Mathieu, had all these criteria in mind when developing the Windancer.

"The Windancer not only looks good, with a classic design based on the beauty and efficiency of nature, but it’s also compact. This enables pollution-free wind energy to be turned into electricity onsite, closer to the electricity consumer, so less electricity is wasted by sending it from A to B.

"It’s ideal for businesses that want to show they are leaders in reducing their impact on the environment. It’s visible green energy, connecting the community to the environment, and it can provide greater independence in a power outage."

Taschen, deemed publisher of " … the most exquisite books on the planet …" by Wallpaper* London, has sold over 2,000 different titles on internationally-renowned designers, architects, artists and photographers.

A state-of-the-art update on the sustainable revolution in product design, the Taschen title was featured in the U.K. Guardian’s Elegant and clever: cutting-edge sustainable design (8 June 2010).

“Every item in this Taschen book is not only efficient and low-impact, it is also highly design led and elegant, proving you don’t need to sacrifice style for substance.” Irish Tatler, Dublin