Renovalia Energy will invest ?200 million in new wind farm in Canada

Peace Butte wind farm will have 120 MW of total wind power and its construction will start in the first semester of 2011. The wind farm, located in the state of Alberta, will produce 385.1GWh/year, which represents the annual electricity consumption of 88,000 homes.

Canada’s wind farm is part of Renovalia´s international expansion and growth strategy. The company is present in 8 countries and has a pipeline of 2.4 GW.

Renovalia Energy, an international producer of electric power by means of renewable energy sources (wind energy, solar photovoltaic, Concentrating Solar Power and mini-hydraulic), will invest 200 million Canadian dollars (€150 million approximately) in a new wind farm in Alberta (Canada).

Peace Butte wind farm will have 120 MW of total capacity and its construction will start in the first semester of 2011. It is expected that it will start operating at the end of the same year.

The contract for the wind turbines will be awarded in the next weeks in a competitive bidding tender. The wind farm will produce 385.1 GWh/year, which represents the annual electricity consumption of 88,000 homes.

Peace Butte wind farm reinforces Renovalia Energy´s position in Canada, a market of great potential for wind energy. The Canadian Wind Energy Association (Canwea) has outlined a future growth for wind energy that would reach a total capacity of 55 GW by 2025, meeting 20% of the country’s energy needs. As for today the country has a total installed capacity of 3.4 GW.

The state of Alberta, where Renovalia Energy will build its first Canadian wind farm, has 656 MW of total power.

Canada’s wind farm is part of Renovalia Energy´s international expansion growth strategy. The Spanish company is present in 8 countries in Europe and North America and has a pipeline of 2.4 GW.

In North America, Renovalia Energy is building the second largest wind farm of Mexico, and in the U.S. the company promotes various photovoltaic and second generation solar thermal with dish parabola external combustion generators (which unlike traditional Concentrating Solar Power or CSP, do not need water or gas to produce electricity).

Renovalia Energy is a company specialized in the promotion, engineering, construction, operation and sale of electricity generated by sources of renewable energy. The company has a 360º focus: it has wind power, solar photovoltaic, solar thermoelectric and mini-hydraulic projects.

Renovalia Energy was founded more than 10 years ago. This initiative arose from the desire to combat climate change and improve people’s lives by eliminating traditional, highly polluting energy sources from their production processes.

Today Renovalia Energy is one of the leading international companies in the Renewable Energy sector and it has one of the most balanced energy mixes in the market. The company has always maintained a business strategy of continuous investment, aiming to increase its international presence in Renewable Energy.

Renovalia Energy wants to become a global reference in the renewable energy sector in the near future. The company has an ambitious expansion plan.

Renovalia Energy is present in 8 countries (Spain, U.S., Canada, Mexico, Italy, Romania, Hungary and Turkey) and has 553 MW in operation and under construction. It owns 10 wind farms, 4 solar photovoltaic plants, a mini-hydraulic power plant and a solar thermoelectric plant. The company has a pipeline of 2.4 GW, which is diversified both technologically and geographically.

In 2009 Renovalia Energy managed to avoid the emission into the atmosphere of 380,399 tons of CO2 as a result of the production of renewable energy and the optimization of the efficiency of its assets. This figure is equivalent to CO2 that a forest of 1,000,000 trees absorbs in all its life.