Abengoa reaches 193 MW of concentrating solar power

Abengoa Solar is commencing commercial operation of Solnova 4, a new parabolic trough technology concentrating solar power (CSP) plant located at the Solúcar Complex (Seville). With the rollout of Solnova 4, Abengoa Solar has reached a total of 193 megawatts (MW) in commercial operation. Additionally, Abengoa Solar has 350 MW of solar energy currently under construction, as well as several thousand more being promoted in a variety of locations including plans for two new plants in the United States, Solana in Arizona and the Mojave Plant in California.

Technologies developed and tested by Abengoa Solar in their plants in Spain will be utilized by the company in their projects in the United States.

The Solnova 4 plant uses a parabolic trough technology developed by Abengoa Solar, that includes significant design enhancements. The Abengoa Solar-developed ASTRO parabolic trough, for example, ensures far superior precision due to its design and exclusive construction and alignment process. This plant has the same features as Solnova 1 and 3, the two parabolic trough plants that began operating commercially in May.

Santiago Seage, CEO of Abengoa Solar, pointed out that "construction and start-up of our third parabolic trough plant was executed in record time, which proves Abengoa Solar’s far-reaching expertise in this technology".

With its 50 MW of power, the new Solnova 4 solar station will generate enough clean energy to meet the electricity needs of 25,700 homes, while eliminating the emission of approximately 31,400 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere each year. Abener and Teyma executed plant construction through a turnkey supply contract. The start of this plant follows the successful completion of the three-day operation and production testing period.

Solnova 4 consists of approximately 3,200,000 square feet of mirrors (300,000 square meters) that cover an area of about 280 acres (115 hectares). The plant’s technology concentrates solar radiation onto a heat-absorbing tube, inside of which circulates a fluid that reaches high temperatures. This liquid is utilized to generate water vapor that is transferred to a turbo-generator, where it expands to produce electricity.

Abengoa Solar focuses its activity on the development and application of technologies for generating electrical power with the sun.

Abengoa is a technology company that applies innovative solutions for sustainability in the infrastructure, environment, and energy sectors. Abengoa is listed on the Spanish Stock Exchange and has a presence in more than seventy countries, where the company operates through its five Business Units: Solar, Bioenergy, Environmental Services, Information Technologies, and Industrial Engineering and Construction.