Wind energy in Chile: 500 MW wind farm in Coquimbo

The Chilean Phoenix Group announced that it will launch a 500 MW wind turbines project in the region of Coquimbo (central Chile). Agreements signed with Danish-based Vestas, world leading wind turbines producer, include joint investments for about $250 million for the first phase of the wind farm project, which will be built in Talinay, approximately 220 miles north of Santiago.

This first 120 MW plant will double the wind power capacity installed in Chile. It is expected to start generating electricity at the beginning of 2012. To be noted that Coquimbo has an exceptional wind power availability factor, approximately 35%.

The entire project will be developed in four or five stages, with an overall investment estimated in about one billion dollars. General information has only been publicized regarding the second stage, when 100 to 150 MW are expected to be installed south of Talinay, on the Route 5.